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Hot Buttered Rum
My easy to make recipe for the classic Hot Buttered Rum
Google Mesh Wi-Fi
What could possibly go wrong?
The oatcake (aran-coirce) has been a staple of the Scottish diet for hundreds of years. A few simple ingredients but fiendishly difficult to get just right when baking. This recipe will give you a firm, crunchy oatcake which isn't dry.
Not built to last
Contrary to my experience of round-pin sockets Wellington boots (Wellies) are certainly not built to last. I might get a year's use out of them but that equates to only wearing them about 30 times.
Built to last
I recently removed an old style British round-pin 5 amp electrical socket and back box. The back box is incredibly solid compared to modern equivalents. You could drive a tank over the back box without as much as scratching it.
Fermented porridge
This article describes an accident, not a recipe.
Johnny Weissmuller
Quite some guy! Many people will remember Johnny Weissmuller as Tarzan from the string of hugely successful MGM films from the 1930s and 1940s but there was much more to him than his acting career.
My kingdom for a transponder
Getting a replacement key was easy, throwing away one of the important bits was easy too.
Don't do this at home
Could anyone be this dumb?
A tasty snack
Eating out in a VW T25 campervan.
The Wild West
Over the years travelling up and down the West Coast of Scotland I have been amazed at the number of road signs with bullet holes.
Volkswagen Up!
Some comments about the really good VW city car, Up!
A Moss Carder bumblebee (Bombus muscorum) found chillin' on a cornflower
A Lidl expensive
These sausages at Lidls may well be "Deluxe" but at that price I'll give them a miss
Anything to declare?
Buzz Aldrin reveals that even the first men to walk on the moon had to fill in the proper forms for customs and expenses.
Weather with me
Nope, it really doesn't feel like summer.
Audible alerts without visual confirmation
Devices emitting audible alerts without accompanying visual confirmation should be considered as crimes against humanity
Licence not required
TV Licensing know how to maximise their revenue, through fear and intimidation
Discovering your Debian version
I have been a Debian user for more than 15 years but I only discovered today that there is a simple way to ascertain which version you are currently running
An efficient way to rip CDs