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Anything to declare?
Buzz Aldrin reveals that even the first men to walk on the moon had to fill in the proper forms for customs and expenses.
Weather with me
Nope, it really doesn't feel like summer.
Audible alerts without visual confirmation
Devices emitting audible alerts without accompanying visual confirmation should be considered as crimes against humanity
Licence not required
TV Licensing know how to maximise their revenue, through fear and intimidation
Discovering your Debian version
I have been a Debian user for more than 15 years but I only discovered today that there is a simple way to ascertain which version you are currently running
An efficient way to rip CDs
Stronger for Scotland?
How about making bags Stronger at Lidl
Sunshine on Scotland
Reflections on the GE2015 general election result in Scotland
Lived long and prospered
RIP Leonard Nimoy. He died today, Friday February 27th 2015, aged 83.
Charles and Kate
No, not those ones. Charles Kennedy and Kate Stephen dominating the front of the LibDem "shop" in Fort William High Street.
Independence March and Rally 2013
The second of three March and Rally events took place in Edinburgh on Saturday September 21st to support the cause of Scottish independence
My favourite software package names
FOSS projects often have fun names for their packages as they have a different set of marketing considerations compared to commercial software. This is a list of some of my favourite names.
New Xiph video
The second in a series of videos from, the makers of Vorbis Tools, explaining and demonstrating audio sampling, quantization and bit-depth using both analogue and digital equipment.
Homemade Yes Logo board
A couple of downloadable designs of the YesScotland logo for printing at home
Is there life out there somewhere? The discovery that the star Tau Ceti has a planet orbiting it within the Goldilocks zone prompts a domestic discussion about the probability of alien life.
Obama comments on Independence Referendum
Actually, he didn't comment on the 2014 referendum but his words do have a direct relevance for those opposing independence.
Independence March and Rally 2012
The first of three March and Rallies took place in Edinburgh on 22nd September 2012
GVim and printing
How to get GVim to play nicely with CUPS
Roderick versus Gnasher
The different feeding techniques of two red squirrels (Sciurus vulgaris)
Positive case for the union
After 305 years of the union with England we are still waiting to hear what the benefits are for Scotland.