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Cui bono
More than 2,000 years ago the famous Roman consul Marcus Tullius Cicero used the phrase "cui bono" (as a benefit to whom?) when making a speech defending a friend against a charge of murder. Cicero's argument was that people may have hidden motives for the testimony they give. The adage is as true now as it was then. Can we trust what we are told?
God save the King
A reminder of the verse of the song usually omitted from use
Creating lined writing paper using GLE
Looking for a way to create lined paper templates programmatically I discovered Graphics Language Editor (GLE). This short tutorial explains some basics of GLE and how you can use it to produce your own templates. Lined paper output samples are provided, for download, in PDF format for the A4 paper size. All packages used are available in Debian Wheezy.
Lorem ipsum alternatives
Bored with the same old lorem ipsum text? There are lots of fun alternatives available online.
GVim and Firefox together
"View Page Source" in Firefox/Iceweasel is really useful but sometimes seeing the code in your usual Editor is so much better.
Goodbye Scotsman
My part in the fall and fall of mainstream media in Scotland
As the end of the union between Scotland and England nears with the 2014 referendum David Cameron should consider his place in history.
Forbidden Planet (1956)
Walter Pidgeon, Leslie Neilsen and Anne Francis star in this groundbreaking 1956 Science Fiction film. The crew of a United Planets Cruiser are despatched from Earth on a mission to discover the fate of a lost expedition from twenty years earlier. Upon arriving at the new planet they receive a less than warm welcome, discover a fantastic alien technology and meet the mysterious Dr. Morbius and his beautiful daughter, Altaira.
Digital Media Primer
Excellent digital audio and video primer available for download (and it is free).
An innocent abroad
How the quest for knowledge can lead you to discoveries you weren't searching for.
Radio Ga Ga
The nonsense in the Digital Economy Bill looks like it might become enacted without any debate in the House of Commons. This article describes one part of the madness - the proposed shutdown of FM radio broadcasting in favour of DAB (and friends).
Poppy Seed Bagels
Making bagels at home is easy and fun. This is my foolproof recipe for Poppy Seed Bagels.
David Niven - Happy 100th
Received David Niven's autobiography, "The Moon's A Balloon", in the post today and then realised it is the 100th anniversary of his birth.
Country living
Battling against the elements sometimes makes you appreciate the simple things in life - like running water.
Visiting the relatives
An encounter with some Japanese Macaques (Macaca fuscata) reminds me that we humans are not all that different.
Global warming, oh, the irony!
Climategate, Copenhagen and the Big Freeze
April 2017
TV Licensing enforcement letter for April 2017