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Digital Media Primer

Excellent digital audio and video primer available for download (and it is free).

Learning something new

I have always had an interest in audio and video mostly as a consumer but sometimes as a limited producer of content. However, I have always had a sketchy knowledge of some the technologies involved in digital media production. I would frequently come across, and use, acronyms such as YUV and PCM but didn't really understand what they were. I was therefore delighted to discover that, the makers of OGG, FLAC and other technologies, were producing some videos to inform and educate people in digital media. Episode 1: A Digital Media Primer for Geeks is available for download now and it is entirely free.

Not only is the content great but it is presented in a fresh and entertaining manner. This kind of learning is fun. Once you have downloaded and watched the video you can extend your understanding by reading the accompanying wiki notes.

I look forward to the future episodes.

/ fitheach

2010-09-25 01:00