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Homemade Yes Logo board

A couple of downloadable designs of the YesScotland logo for printing at home

This weekend, the nearest Saturday/Sunday to the anniversary of Robert Burns' birth, will be a busy one for YesScotland events all across Scotland. So, of course, we are having an event locally which means we needed to get out all the flyers, leaflets, banners and Yes boards. This was fine except the person who has most of the materials has gone away on a three week international holiday!

I decided in the best Blue Peter traditions to get out the old toilet roll tubes, sticky-back plastic and a pair of Val's old ... and make the boards myself. The boards are an essential part of any YesScotland event. I printed the logos in A3 size and then pasted them onto chipboard cut to the same size. From a distance the boards look just like the real thing and I think the one in MacDonnell of Glengarry tartan looks even better. The blue logo is using the same colour as used by YesScotland on their website which has the hex number #316BB2.

Please feel free to download the files by clicking on the images above. The downloads are provided in PDF format from an SVG original so the file size is very small. If you only want to print in A4 these files will scale down without problem. Any PDF viewer application will be able to open the files.

Any requests for alternative tartans just let me know by using the contact form and I will post the files here (but you will have to do the John Noakes part yourself).

Update: I had a request for a Grant Tartan Yes Logo which has been created and uploaded.

Further update: I had a request for a Sinclair Ancient Hunting Tartan Yes Logo which has been created and uploaded.

Further, further update: one enterprising reader, John Sinclair Currie, used the PDF above to create his own mousemat and very nice it looks too!

Sinclair tartan mousemat
Sinclair Ancient Hunting Tartan Yes Logo on mousemat

/ fitheach