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Push or Pull?

A couple of days ago I saw these two boats coming up the canal towards us, as we were doing the daily dog walk. It was clear from a distance that the two boats were very close together, and I assumed the first boat was towing the second.

Bright Eyes

I took this photo on the evening dog walk two nights ago, when we had some lovely weather. I quite liked the composition of the photograph, but it wasn't until I started processing the photo that I noticed something else special about it. As it was in the gloamin my smartphone decided to fire the flash. I noticed the flash when I took the photo, so I disabled the flash and took another shot. After all, the smartphone flash wouldn't have an effect at a distance of around 8-10 metres. However, I was wrong. When processing the photo I noticed Neachdainn had bright eyes. Even from that distance, with the smartphone's weak flash, it was enough to create a reflection in Neadainn's eyes. As nothing else in the photo shows any flash effect, Neachdainn's eyes look mysterious. I like it.

Fàilte don Ghàidhealtachd

Who did this? Who added Nessie to the Highlands' welcome sign? Whoever it was, it is absolute genius! The original sign had an empty loch, someone has used a marker pen, or similar, to add the Nessie image. I drove past this sign, northbound lane of the A9 at Dromochter, about three weeks ago and I'm fairly certain Nessie wasn't there at that time.

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