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Kill Me Again (1989)

Kill Me Again is a 1989 film noir modelled on the classic films of the 1940s. A down on his luck private investigator owes money to some nasty loan sharks, which he is unable to repay. The loan sharks rough him up, and make it clear worse will happen if he doesn't repay on time. A beautiful woman enters his office and offers to pay him $10,000 if he will fake her death and give her a new identity. She claims she needs it to escape her abusive boyfriend. The private investigator doesn't believe her, but he needs that money, and besides he really likes this kind of client. Of course, things turn out to be much more complicated, for both of them.

Love in the Afternoon (1957)

Love in the Afternoon is a romantic comedy film directed by Billy Wilder, starring Gary Cooper and Audrey Hepburn. The movie tells the story of Ariane, the daughter of a private investigator who specialises in cases of extra-marital affairs. Despite being discouraged by her father, Ariane always shows an interest in his cases. One day she sees photographs her father took of Mr. Flannagan, the subject of one of his investigations, and she is immediately smitten. Later the same day she overhears the enraged husband tell her father that he intends shooting Mr Flannagan for conducting a cladestine affair with his wife. Ariane decides she must do everything she can to save Flannagan.

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