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Lorem ipsum alternatives

For decades designers have been using filler text when creating mock-ups of flyers, brochures, advertisements, websites etc. The most common filler text is the venerable lorem ipsum which has been extracted from some Latin text but has many words changed so it no longer carries any meaning.

GVim and Firefox together

I was curious about the structure of a web page and, did what I do dozens of times every week, right-clicked and selected View Page Source. However, in this case the web page was horribly complex and had all of the white space removed. I needed something more than the built-in Firefox/Iceweasel source viewer. After a little configuration I was able to bring GVim to the rescue. This is how I did it.

Digital Media Primer

Learning something new

I have always had an interest in audio and video mostly as a consumer but sometimes as a limited producer of content. However, I have always had a sketchy knowledge of some the technologies involved in digital media production. I would frequently come across, and use, acronyms such as YUV and PCM but didn't really understand what they were. I was therefore delighted to discover that, the makers of OGG, FLAC and other technologies, were producing some videos to inform and educate people in digital media. Episode 1: A Digital Media Primer for Geeks is available for download now and it is entirely free.

Radio Ga Ga

The nonsense in the Digital Economy Bill looks like it might become enacted without any debate in the House of Commons. This article describes one part of the madness - the proposed shutdown of FM radio broadcasting in favour of DAB (and friends).

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