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What you know

This is a great wee sketch, which pokes fun at the constant changes in advice for healthy eating over the decades. The illogicality, and the humour, becomes obvious because 35 years of advice is squeezed into less than five minutes.

Fermented porridge

I placed some excess porridge (oats) I had cooked in a tightly sealing Tupper container, and placed it on top of the 'fridge. It was intended to be eaten later that day. Unfortunately, it was somehow knocked down the back of the 'fridge and jammed in the cooling fins.

Don't do this at home

Replacing the water pump on a VW T25 Transporter is a pretty tough job not because it is technically challenging but due to the very restricted access to the major components, pipes and bolts. One of the Allen bolts holding the smaller coolant pipe flange to the pump, for example, could only be given a 1/8th turn before having to take the key out, re-position and turn again. This procedure had to be followed both when taking the bolt out and screwing it back in again.

A tasty snack

I started noticing that there was a screeching noise from the engine bay in our VW T25 campervan when starting the engine. I decided it must be the auxiliary belt needing tightened or replaced. However, I delayed doing anything about it as I had recently looked at the belt when replacing a section of the cooling pipe and it looked fine then. Anyway, even if it needed replacing it wasn't a problem as I had a spare.

A Lidl expensive

When I went shopping recently I noticed Lidl were offering sausages at a reduced price.

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