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Weather with me

The image below is a screenshot of the weather forecast for my home area by the Met Office for today August 1st, 2015. The "feels like temperature" (centigrade) was wildly optimistic as it didn't feel anything like that warm. This should be the height of summer but I had to light the wood burning stove today as it was too cool to sit around without heating.

Roderick versus Gnasher

We have a peanut (groundnut) feeder made of wood and shaped like a house. On the top of the feeder are two slates which form the roof. However, there is a gap between the slates which allows water to drip down into the nuts. In a wet West Highland climate it doesn't take long for the peanuts to rot when constantly supplied by dripping water. To prevent water ingress we fashioned a metal strip to act as ridging. This worked really well until last winter when we would constantly find it lying on the ground. The winter storms must have been worse than we thought.

Visiting the relatives

Life on Earth

I vividly remember the scenes of Japanese Macaques enjoying an outdoor hot bath shown in David Attenborough's ground breaking 1979 BBC television series Life on Earth. The macaques' natural habitat is the northern, and moutainous, cold areas of Japan which is why it gets it's alternative name of Snow Monkey. Bathing in the natural hot springs would be a welcome relief from the below zero (centigrade) winter temperatures.

Global warming, oh, the irony!

The supporters of man made climate change have had to endure a blizzard of bad public relations in the last few months of 2009. Examples include the furore over the Climate Research Unit data breach, sometimes referred to as Climategate, and the lack of a meaningful agreement at the UN Climate Summit at Copenhagen. The end of '09 and the start of the new decade is not being  any kinder. The coldest December in 14 years with the ensuing chaos on road, rail, sea and air makes selling the idea of global warming just that little bit more difficult.

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