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Independence March and Rally 2013

Has it really been a whole year since the last March and Rally? It is hard to believe as the time has passed so quickly. This year the route was from The High Street, down North Bridge, across Princes Street, along Waterloo Place/Regent Road and then up Calton Hill for the Rally.

Obama comments on Independence Referendum

The New York Daily News reported Barack Obama as saying:

Positive case for the union

Unicorn Santa Claus Positive case for the union Loch Ness monster The Tooth Fairy


The union between Scotland and England began in 1707, Ireland "joined" the union in 1801 and most of Ireland "left" again in 1922. So, the union has existed in a form for 305, 211 or 90 years depending on your definition. After such a long time it would be expected that successive Westminster governments operating what was recently heralded as a "redistributive union" would have banished poverty and inequality. However, the reality is Scotland which is one of the most energy rich nations in Europe has the most deprived areas of the UK and some of the lowest life expectancy levels in the EU. These statistics aren't bad, they are a disgrace.

Cui bono

As the independence debate increases, both by the number of participants and in volume, how can we judge the veracity of the contributions? It would be wise to consider Cicero's maxim when hearing some of the arguments put forward by the detractors of self-determination.

God save the King

Lord, grant that Marshal Wade,
May by thy mighty aid,
Victory bring.
May he sedition hush
And like a torrent rush,
Rebellious Scots to crush,
God save the King

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