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How does memory work? I really don't know. It seems logical that you remember the important events in your life: your child's first spoken word, scoring the winning goal, that time I left my car keys in a foreign country. You probably remember these events because you make an effort to do so. Memories will be reinforced by constant re-telling of the events by you or by friends & family. However, even for those important events it is possible for memories to be wrong. Two people can have a shared experience and yet their respective memories of the sequence of events can differ. That can be a heady mix at this time of year, just add the stress brought on by all the preparations and some Christmas spirits and voilà: a barney.

Ticks in 2017

We take care not to expose ourselves unnecessarily to pesticides and we extend this precaution to our doggie companion. In particular, this means we do not use a spot-on insecticide or a tick/flea collar.

Anything to declare?

Buzz Aldrin revealed on Twitter that after his Apollo 11 mission he had to complete an expenses claim and a customs' declaration form. Which just goes to prove that if you work for the government, US Government in this case, you can't get away from completing the proper paperwork. The forms include some real gems which sound like they might have been made tongue in cheek.


Picture the scene, probably, replicated in thousands of households across Scotland: two people co-operating with the chore of washing and drying the dishes while listening to the radio news. One of the items covered in the news was the University of California Santa Cruz discovery of a planet, orbiting the star Tau Ceti [1], which is ideally placed to support life. My other half immediately greeted this report with a dismissive "what is that nonsense about".

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