Audible alerts without visual confirmation

Posted by fitheach on Tue 28 July 2015

For a few weeks now my laptop has, on an intermittent basis, been playing a two second musical alert. Is my CPU burning so hot it is about to imitate a China Syndrome? Is my fan spinning so fast that it resmbles a pulsar? Could it be my battery is about to explode? Maybe it is just an incoming email matching a particular pattern. The thing is I have no idea what the alert is for as there is no accompanying visual confirmation. I certainly don't remember manually setting any alerts. It is driving me nuts!

Then just a couple of days ago, as I was walking into the lounge, another device emitted an audible alert. This time it was the beep beep kind. Yet again I don't know what the alert is for and this time I don't even know which device made the noise. In common with most households we have numerous laptops, tablets and mobile 'phones lying around and it could have been any one of them. Aaarrrggh!

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