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Thank you for dropping-by, I hope you enjoy your visit. The main content is to be found in the blog where I discuss everything and anything but topics including photography, nature, technology, food, movies, music and politics make regular appearances.

There is also a dedicated section on movies (or films if you prefer) where I will discuss and review in more depth. The scope covered will be mainly mainstream English language movies from the 1930s until the present day.

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My name is Iain MacDonald and I live in the Highlands of Scotland (although I have lived elsewhere in the past). I am a big fan of Free & Open Source Software which I use both professionally and at home.

Computing and technology tend to infuse themselves into my other interests, as once you learn some skills in one area it is convenient to use them to solve problems in other spheres.

When not tinkering with computers, I am likely to be found repairing things because living in the countryside you learn to be resourceful.

Of course, man doesn't live by SSH tunnels and kerosene vapour burners alone so food, as a subject, makes regular appearances too. Did I mention I used to work in hospitality?

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  • Bird strikes

    The long period of sunny weather we have experienced in the Highlands this year, starting in April, seems to have increased the number of birds striking the house windows. The angle of the light hitting the windows, the light intensity and how bright it is in the room, all have an effect on how transparent the windows look. The birds, presumably, don't see the glass and believe they can fly-through the gap. I was dismayed ... [Read more...]

  • Making sauerkraut

    This is an article on how to make sauerkraut at home. I'm not going to give you a precise recipe with measurements down to the gram, nor will I set out the exact equipment you should use. Instead, I will describe the process and the proportions of ingredients I use when making fermented cabbage. Armed with an understanding of the concepts, it is easier to adapt to using different quantities of cabbage, introducing new ingredients ... [Read more...]

  • Mastodon web client

    I have only been on Mastodon for about 10 days, but I have found the concepts easy to understand because I am familiar with Twitter. The familiarity is enhanced because the standard Mastodon web interface looks very much like TweetDeck. There were however some deficiencies in the web interface which were niggling me. [Read more...]

  • The Fediverse

    This is an account of my five-day mission to explore to the far extremeties of The Fediverse. Although I am a complete newbie to The Federation and The Fediverse I hope this very naivety has some value. If the free social network is to grow and prosper it needs to attract people who, like me, don't completely understand it. [Read more...]

  • Wood processing: the ideal set up - Part 1

    This is the first in a series of posts showing my ideal wood processing set up. We use a wood-burning stove for about three-quarters of the year, only leaving it idle during the summer months. To supply the stove requires spending a lot of my spare time processing wood. Processing wood includes all the jobs from cutting down trees to putting the logs in the stove. In recent winters we have had some severe storms ... [Read more...]

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Fitheach (@fitheach@mstdn.io)

Mon, 15 Oct 2018 18:01:53 +0000

When we visited our Scottie's Malamute friend, this morning, we discovered they had a robotic lawnmower.

I didn't realise how smart these devices are. When it gets "tired", it follows a cable buried below the lawn surface. The cable leads the robot back to its "kennel". The robot then turns-around, reverses into the kennel and re-charges on a base station.

These are expensive, but they do make a good job cutting the lawn. Our Scottie was intrigued, too.

Mon, 15 Oct 2018 12:27:09 +0000

We had an encounter on the . There was a Cocker Spaniel coming the other direction. At about 30m distance my decided he didn't like the spaniel and wanted a square-go.

There was much growling and baring of teeth on both sides. Thankfully, both were constrained by leashes.

These encounters always involve other male dogs, but not all male dogs. Go figure!

Mon, 15 Oct 2018 11:58:27 +0000

Superb weather again for today's

Why do I get the feeling we'll "pay" for it in the weeks to come?

Mon, 15 Oct 2018 07:52:13 +0000

My doggie companion came over and sniffed my morning mug of coffee. He immediately sneezed and jumped backwards about 20cm, as if he had been presented with some horrible poison.

Does he know something I don't?

Sun, 14 Oct 2018 19:57:22 +0000


Are you guys related?

Sun, 14 Oct 2018 15:23:47 +0000

Talking of K9...
Here's a photo especially for @inAktion

K9 clearly modelled on a