Don't do this at home

Posted by fitheach on Mon 18 July 2016

Replacing the water pump on a VW T25 Transporter is a pretty tough job not because it is technically challenging but due to the very restricted access to the major components, pipes and bolts. One of the Allen bolts holding the smaller coolant pipe flange to the pump, for example, could only be given a 1/8th turn before having to take the key out, re-position and turn again. This procedure had to be followed both when taking the bolt out and screwing it back in again.

It wasn't until after I had installed the pump that I noticed the instruction booklet included by the manufacturer in the product box. I had to laugh when I read the first line of the instructions.

Water pump installation instructions

Instructions included with a replacement water pump for a VW T25 Transporter.

Could anyone be this dumb? Are manufacturers so worried about being sued that they have to include the most ridiculous warnings? Anyone attempting to replace the water pump with the engine running would almost certainly be a Darwin Award winner.