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The Class System

Eighteen years into the 21st century and the class system is still alive and well, in the UK. The apex of that class system seems to be as popular as ever and we still have an unelected parliamentary second chamber where our "representatives" get called Baron or Baroness, except for the ones called Bishop. I've always liked to believe that the people in Scotland are more...

Licence not required

The background

I haven't watched TV at home for nearly 20 years. I haven't owned a TV for nearly 15 years. There was a time when we used to watch videos using a television, but, we have long since moved to using DVDs, and large computer monitors.

Screenshot from the movie "The Truman Show", showing a zoomed-in-shot of the button badge which states "How's it going to end".Posted by fitheach on Tue 21 July 2015

Sunshine on Scotland

Well, I never intended to stay up and follow the election results on the night of Thursday May 7th and into the early hours of the following day but it just became so addictive. For months we had opinion polls that put the SNP well ahead of Labour but somehow the release of the exit poll just after 10pm was the clincher; "I'm staying...

Charles and Kate

So, there must be an election coming up soon.

LibDem Shop in Fort William

Liberal Democrat shop in Fort William's High Street

I was wandering down Fort William High Street for the first time in ages when I came across the rather disturbing larger than life size poster of Charles & Kate. The Liberal Democrat politicians, namely Charles Kennedy MP and Cllr. Kate Stephen,...

Independence March and Rally 2013

Has it really been a whole year since the last March and Rally? It is hard to believe as the time has passed so quickly. This year the route was from The High Street, down North Bridge, across Princes Street, along Waterloo Place/Regent Road and then up Calton Hill for the Rally.

Marchers gather on Edinburgh's High StreetPosted by fitheach on Sun 22 September 2013

Homemade Yes Logo board

This weekend, the nearest Saturday/Sunday to the anniversary of Robert Burns' birth, will be a busy one for YesScotland events all across Scotland. So, of course, we are having an event locally which means we needed to get out all the flyers, leaflets, banners and Yes boards. This was fine except the person who has most of the materials has...

Obama comments on Independence Referendum

The New York Daily News reported Barack Obama as saying:

"Refusing to answer the details of your policies until after the election, that’s not change. That’s the oldest trick in the book."

Obama wasn't commenting on the 2014 independence referendum, of course, but we only...

Independence March and Rally 2012

The March and Rally for Independence 2012 took place in Edinburgh on the 22nd September.

The night before the march and rally many parts of Scotland were treated to a meteor shower which must have been a good omen. Whatever the reason after weeks of miserable summer weather we were treated to blue skies and blazing sunshine.We arrived at the north end of Jawbone Walk, in The Meadows around 11am...

Positive case for the union


The union between Scotland and England began in 1707, Ireland "joined" the union in 1801 and most of Ireland "left" again in 1922. So, the union has existed in a form for 305, 211 or 90 years depending on your definition. After such a long time it would be expected that successive Westminster governments operating what was recently heralded as a "Posted by fitheach on Thu 05 July 2012

Cui bono

As the independence debate increases, both by the number of participants and in volume, how can we judge the veracity of the contributions? It would be wise to consider Cicero's maxim when hearing some of the arguments put forward by the detractors of self-determination.

"A good political speech is not one in which you can prove that the man is telling the truth; it is...

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