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Goodbye, Scotsman

I don't remember when I first started reading The Scotsman, it was always just there. Every day, around midday, the newspaper would arrive. The paper was folded twice, lengthways, and around the middle would be a slip of paper with our address on it, and a stamp. It was delivered by the postie [1]. As we lived many miles from the nearest shop it was easier, cheaper and more convenient to have a...


David Cameron is lucky he has one of the most mementous events in the 300 year history of the Kingdom of Great Britain to happen during his first term in office. All David Cameron has to do is handle the situation competently and his place in history is assured. However, securing your place in history is only the first part of the job, achieving a favourable write-up is even more difficult.

No. 10 Downing StreetPosted by fitheach on Wed 22 February 2012

Digital Media Primer

Learning something new

I have always had an interest in audio and video mostly as a consumer but sometimes as a limited producer of content. However, I have always had a sketchy knowledge of some the technologies involved in digital media production. I would frequently come across, and use, acronyms such as YUV and PCM but didn't...

An innocent abroad

Unintended consequences

Today, I was creating a document using LyX which is a friendly application for utilising the power of TeX/LaTeX. I had an issue with exporting to DVI or PDF depending on whether the image was EPS or JPEG. So, to find an answer to my issue I turned to my usual search engine and tried...

Radio Ga Ga

The nonsense in the Digital Economy Bill looks like it might become enacted without any debate in the House of Commons. This article describes one part of the madness - the proposed shutdown of FM radio broadcasting in favour of DAB (and friends).

Let's hope you never leave old friend Like all good things on you we depend So stick around 'cos we might miss you When we grow tired of all this visual You had your time - you had the power You've yet to have your...

Poppy Seed Bagels

I decided to have something different for Sunday breakfast: Poppy Seed Bagels. However, as it takes a little longer to prove the dough it became brunch instead. I don't claim to be a bagel expert and I am sure there will be some who think "that's not how you make bagels" but this is a recipe that works for me every time and the results are superb.


Posted by fitheach on Fri 26 March 2010

David Niven - Happy 100th

St. David's Day1

Some time ago I decided to get a copy of David Niven's autobiography The Moon's A Balloon. I sourced a copy from a well known online purveyor of books (and just about everything else) for the princely sum of 1p. The book was a secondhand paperback yet it was in very good...

Country living

The Mini Freeze

The Big Freeze seems to be over but now we seem to be having a Mini Freeze. During January (2010) there was a sustained period of very cold weather with a low of -23° centigrade (according to the car thermometer). Now, towards the end of February, we are having another cold spell although this time the temperature is only...

Visiting the relatives

Life on Earth

I vividly remember the scenes of Japanese Macaques enjoying an outdoor hot bath shown in David Attenborough's ground breaking 1979 BBC television series Life on Earth. The macaques' natural habitat is the northern, and moutainous,...

Global warming, oh, the irony!

The supporters of man made climate change have had to endure a blizzard of bad public relations in the last few months of 2009. Examples include the furore over the Climate Research Unit data breach, sometimes referred to as Climategate, and the lack of a Posted by fitheach on Sat 09 January 2010

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