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In the "old days" I used a really nice GNOME GUI app called Grip for ripping CDs. The interface was so nice that I would invariably use it for playing CDs too. I decided recently to make copies of my CDs for use on my tablet and mobile 'phone. However, I was dismayed to find that my old standby no longer existed in Debian. Unfortunately, the last...

Stronger for Scotland?

SNP, Stronger for Scotland?

Nope, I don't think so.

SNP Stronger for Scotland bag

SNP Stronger for Scotland bag

Used once for the messages and it has holes in it already.

SNP bag with holes

Might be useful for...

Sunshine on Scotland

Well, I never intended to stay up and follow the election results on the night of Thursday May 7th and into the early hours of the following day but it just became so addictive. For months we had opinion polls that put the SNP well ahead of Labour but somehow the release of the exit poll just after 10pm was the clincher; "I'm staying...

Lived long and prospered

Leonard Nimoy died today, February 27th., 2015. He was 83.

Leonard's last Tweet

A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP

Leonard Nimoy

Charles and Kate

So, there must be an election coming up soon.

LibDem Shop in Fort William

Liberal Democrat shop in Fort William's High Street

I was wandering down Fort William High Street for the first time in ages when I came across the rather disturbing larger than life size poster of Charles & Kate. The Liberal Democrat politicians, namely Charles Kennedy MP and Cllr. Kate Stephen,...

Independence March and Rally 2013

Has it really been a whole year since the last March and Rally? It is hard to believe as the time has passed so quickly. This year the route was from The High Street, down North Bridge, across Princes Street, along Waterloo Place/Regent Road and then up Calton Hill for the Rally.

Marchers gather on Edinburgh's High StreetPosted by fitheach on Sun 22 September 2013

My favourite software package names

Free and Open Source (FOSS) software projects often have humorous names for their packages. Some of the earliest FOSS projects, from the 1980s, used recursive acronyms for their names. A recursive acronym is where one of the constituent letters is provided by the acronym itself. Probably, the best known example is the GNU project which stands for GNU's Not Unix. Many years later the graphics package Posted by fitheach on Tue 05 March 2013

New Xiph video

A while ago I wrote about a great little Digital Media Primer from Well, the follow up video took a little while longer to appear than I anticipated or as is ironically stated on the website 'Continuing the "firehose" tradition of maximum information density'. Regardless, the second video is well worth watching as it is both educational and presented in a entertaining...

Homemade Yes Logo board

This weekend, the nearest Saturday/Sunday to the anniversary of Robert Burns' birth, will be a busy one for YesScotland events all across Scotland. So, of course, we are having an event locally which means we needed to get out all the flyers, leaflets, banners and Yes boards. This was fine except the person who has most of the materials has...


Picture the scene, probably, replicated in thousands of households across Scotland: two people co-operating with the chore of washing and drying the dishes while listening to the radio news. One of the items covered in the news was the University of California Santa Cruz discovery of a planet, orbiting the star Tau Ceti [1], which is ideally placed to support life. My other half immediately greeted this report with a dismissive "what is that nonsense...

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