What you know

Posted by fitheach on Sat 02 June 2018

This is a great wee sketch, which pokes fun at the constant changes in advice for healthy eating over the decades. The illogicality, and the humour, becomes obvious because 35 years of advice is squeezed into less than five minutes.

The video struck a chord with me as I discovered it about the same time as I realised the cooked breakfasts I got every morning as a child probably was the healthy option after all.


  1. I noticed that the video was available for embedding from both Dailymotion and YouTube. Both websites provided the video and player inside an iframe which (usually) makes embedding simple and guarantees everything works. Except, I couldn't get the video to play in my own browser when using Dailymotion. I don't know if this problem is to do with script permissions or third party cookies but, whatever the reason, if it happens to me it might happen to others too. YouTube just worked. So much for diversity.

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