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Supermarket Fruit & Veg

Responding to a request by Gemlog (@gemlog@tilde.zone) I took photos of the fruit and vegetable aisles at Aldi and Morrison's supermarkets.

Photo of one side of the fruit and veg aisle at Aldi.

The original thread can be seen at https://mstdn.io/@fitheach/103641232610454262

New Manual Coffee Grinder

I was without my vintage wooden Zassenhaus, so I rushed out and bought a new manual coffee grinder. The one I got is from Maison & White, and it is amazingly good. It is adjustable from very fine to coarse. Grinding is done with ceramic burrs, and the rest of the construction is made from solid glass, stainless steel, galvanised metal and silicon. They even provided an extra jar for bean storage. The best part is it only cost £10, including delivery.

The Maison &...

            <p class=Posted by fitheach on Sat 15 February 2020


For almost a year now I've been trying to minimise my intake of carbohydrates (carbs). Instead of getting my energy requirements from carbs, I get them from fats. Specifically, people refer to this as Low Carbohydrate, High Fat (LCHF). However, the terms lowcarb (low-carbohydrate) and keto (ketogenic) also get used for this eating regime, although they are slightly different. In practice, this means that I try to avoid high carb foods like pasta, rice, potato and bread. I haven't missed...

Homemade mustard

I've been meaning to make my own mustard condiment for years, but never got around to it for one reason or another. If I had realised how easy it is to get a really tasty result, I would have done it years ago, instead of prevaricating. The only (mildly) difficult part is sourcing the mustard seed. You can buy one of three mustard seed types: white/yellow, brown and black. The three seed types are increasingly hot in that order. If you live in a city you probably have access to a...

Making sauerkraut

This is an article on how to make sauerkraut at home. I'm not going to give you a precise recipe with measurements down to the gram, nor will I set out the exact equipment you should use. Instead, I will describe the process and the proportions of ingredients I use when making fermented cabbage. Armed with an understanding of the concepts, it is easier to adapt to using different quantities of cabbage, introducing new ingredients or dealing with changing ambient...

What you know

This is a great wee sketch, which pokes fun at the constant changes in advice for healthy eating over the decades. The illogicality, and the humour, becomes obvious because 35 years of advice is squeezed into less than five minutes.

The video struck a chord with me as I discovered it about the same time as I realised the cooked breakfasts I got every morning as a child probably was the healthy option after all.

Posted by fitheach on Sat 02 June 2018


Every European country probably has a traditional one-pot meal and bigos is one that belongs to Poland (and possibly Belarus, Lithuania & Ukraine too).  I can't lay claim to know much about bigos, in fact I didn't know of its existence until I went looking for an article on an Olympus OM-D Micro Four Thirds camera. As is often the case when looking for info on Olympus cameras the website run...

Oven roasted cauliflower

It isn't going too far to say this recipe will change your life utterly, no, really. Once you have tried this recipe there is no going back, you will be bulk buying cauliflower just so you can have this every night. Say goodbye to cauliflower with a cheesie sauce, it is a poor, poor relation to oven roasted cauliflower.

Please consider this recipe to be more of a technique, rather than a hard and fast stipulation of the quantities required. Personal taste will determine how...

5000 years in the making

"5,000 years in the making";

I'd better check the use-by date.

Dark Island beer from the Orkney Brewery

No worries, the beer was delicious, as usual.

The complexity of simplicity

Instinctively you would  think that the lower the number of elements in an activity, the lower the complexity. Not necessarily so. It is often the case that an activity with just three, four or five elements can be fiendishly complex. I'll call this the Complexity of Simplicity.

CoS is most apparent when making food recipes with just a few ingredients. Scones, shortbread, hollandaise sauce, macaroons, tablet, puff pastry and soufflé are some example dishes, with...

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